Trisha Fleischer

I'm a wife of 18 years, mom of 1 teenager, head family chef, 20 year dog rescuer, chief laundress, IFBB Professional athlete, CPT, Nutrition/Contest Prep coach and personal trainer at Deezel Muscle since October 2019. I began Personal training in 2012 while pursuing bodybuilding, earning my IFBB Pro Card in Figure, which I accomplished at 45 years of age. The highlight of my 16+ NPC/IFBB contests was meeting my Bodybuilding idol, John Meadows, at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio where I placed 3rd in Figure at 44 years of age! John passed away recently at the very young age of 49. In his passing he teaches us yet again to not take a single day on the earth for granted, for it may be our last! Thank you John for your wisdom, integrity and knowledge you shared generously! If you were to ask me my style of training/coaching, it would be John’s: to train hard, with intensity, always use proper form and allow recovery, and ALWAYS find the time for family – BALANCE is the key to success!

I was born in SE Michigan, basically Detroit! I graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.A and worked in a highly competitive male led commercial real estate finance industry until motherhood and my sons preterm birth caught me unwillingly becoming a stay-at-home mom, which ended up the best blessing of all!

I live every day like it’s precious. I am crazy about animals, dogs in particular; they are God's gift to man! If you don't feel that way, I may try to change your mind! I also love to help people to achieve their own best version of healthy, because that is also God's gift to us, our health! I don’t take my health for granted one single day of my life on earth! Why do I lift, bust butts in the gym, eat well, avoid alcohol and generally try to stay strong and flexible? Because I can!

Why I want to help people get in shape:

I want everyone to be the best strongest version of themselves and not take their health and fitness for granted. I love l the feeling of helping clients achieve heavy lifts and master lifting techniques for strength and aesthetic gains, and at 52, I LOVE turning heads in a bikini! I want to teach my young son, friends and family and clients to live healthy and make the best choices for that purpose and be an example to the people in their lives! I am passionate about changing lives!

My Life/Fitness Mottos:

“It’s never too late to start, or start over”

“Everything good happens just outside our comfort zone”

“Strength in the gym usually makes you stronger in life”

Training/Coaching areas of specialty:

Corrective Exercise Specialist; Weight training for women; Glute Specialist, Low back pain, History of knee surgery, Posture correction (kyphosis and APV), Weight loss/Muscle Gain, NPC/IFBB contest preparation, Figure/Wellness/Bodybuilding Posing