Small Group/Body Building Class

Train with a small group around 2-5 other members led by a trainer or 2. Awesome for camaraderie and motivation for about $30 per session!


Ladies Class 3x Per Week...... $429 per month

Mens Class 3x Per Week........ $429 per month


Tired of going to the big gyms and feeling judged or people taking your favorite machines?! Support a small business and yourself, join a gym that caters to you whenever you need it!

Basic Membership With 24/7 Access.

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One on one training

Train one on one with a trainer with years of experience!

Please set up a consultation to learn more about our personal training packages and pricing

8 Week Total Program Design

Our comprehensive assessments track your progress to help you track and reach your goals! Assessments include measurements, body fat %, custom workouts and nutrition plan as well as 4 week check in to recheck measurements and bodyfat again.

Comprehensive..................$289 per appointment

Progress Check-in..........$35