Meghan Ferst

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. As I grew up I played many different sports and ended up as a competitive dancer in middle school that lasted through my high school career. Dance is something I still cherish and love today! As I attended college at Illinois State university I chose a sorority over joining the dance team. I have always had a knack for competition and felt a void not being part of anything competitive. At the same time, I was overweight and felt stuck in a life I was unhappy with.

In 2014, I decided to make a change to better myself. I turned to the gym and quickly fell in love with weight training. It was just me and the weights. I had complete control over my training and progress. Over the years I have lost 65 pounds. It wasn't just about the weight loss, but the knowledge and confidence I gained through the process.

Since choosing a healthier lifestyle I have submersed myself in the fitness world and tried different styles of training.  A few of my accomplishments include running the 2018 Chicago marathon and competing as a bikini competitor at the 2020 Arizona Open bodybuilding show. I will be competing in bodybuilding shows in the future!

All of my past experiences lead me to become a personal trainer. I'm passionate about health and fitness and want to instill the same love in my clients to live a long, happy life.