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Established in 2015, Deezel Gym began with the idea to be a hard-core gym for its clients in a clean, friendly environment. Deezel provides its members with all of the tools needed to achieve their maximum potential. The gym offers a welcoming and positive atmosphere, where each member not only benefits from the gym itself, but also from the support of the entire Deezel Family. This is the place to be if you want to surround yourself with likeminded people, while getting a kickass workout!


Is Deezel Muscle a private members gym only?

Yes, Deezel Muscle is a private training facility. A key fob is needed to access the gym. If you are visiting the facility for the first time, we strongly recommend calling ahead of time or scheduling an appointment to ensure easy access upon arrival.

Do I need to have a personal trainer to work out at Deezel Muscle?

No, we offer basic 24/7 access gym memberships as well as small-group and 1 on 1 personal training.

Can I bring a guest in with me if I’m a member, or obtain a guest pass if I’m just visiting?

Yes! We love having new visitors. Deezel Muscle members can bring in a guest with them for just $10/day. Non-members will be charged $20/day. 

What are the gym hours?

All members will have access to the gym 24/7 to train. Staffed hours are Monday - Friday 8AM to 8PM and and weekends 8AM to 1PM. Please call ahead to schedule and secure a specific time to tour the gym or to sign-up.



What People Say

“I train and pose with a close group of friends here every Saturday and quite honestly Saturdays have become my favorite day of the week. The gym is clean with tons of different machines you won't find anywhere else. The design and appeal of the gym with graffiti on the walls only adds to the motivation to kick your own ass! Not to mention the owner, Robert, is one of the most down to earth, genuine people you will ever meet.”

Tracy R

“I’ve been lifting for nine years and have been training to compete for the last three years. Coach Robert Farrow brought it all to a new level. He showed me the intensity needed to train to be your absolute best. I’ve had a couple of coaches but never one like Rob. Deezel Muscle is top-notch in my book. The only regret I have is not deciding to work with Rob three years ago when I started my bodybuilding journey.”

Jeff H

“I’m just getting into bodybuilding and I would not have reached suched untapped potential had I not gone to Deezel Muscle and learned from Rob. Now I’m looking my best ever and ready for my first bodybuilding show.”

Cole K

“After leaving my previous gym, I've never been more disciplined or determined to make myself better since joining Deezel. One goal in particular, as a bodybuilder, was to grow my legs. Just being in the Deezel atmosphere has done just that and I truly feel like this is the best I've ever looked and felt, thanks to Rob and Deezel Gym.”

Anthony S

“I’ve worked out at many gyms but Deezel Muscle is by far my favorite place to train. It’s a private run gym, and the owner is passionate about health and fitness. From the moment you walk through the doors, you feel energized and excited to workout. This gym has all the equipment you need and amazing trainers. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly! This place just has a great, positive vibe!”


“I can't say enough good things about Deezel Muscle! I have 7-8 gyms within a two mile radius and I choose to drive 60 miles round trip to go to Deezel. The vibe here is like no other. It's not just a gym, it's a family and clients are treated as such. The coaches are incredible. The members are friendly, supportive, kind, and encouraging. ”

Melody D